Artist Talk by Jeanno Gaussi


Berlin-based, mixed-media artist Jeanno Gaussi discusses the process behind her artwork titled Peeran-e-Tombaan exhibited at the LB02. To learn more about Jeanno Gaussi’s participation in the LB02 please visit her artist page

Jeanno Gaussi’s Peraan-e-Tombaan [Pant and Shirt] is a performance-based video installation in which a group of dancers appear to be dressed in traditional Afghan men’s clothing. Upon closer examination, the costumes are in fact stitched from fabric used for military and police uniforms. Past is thus juxtaposed with militarised present in an unsettlingly powerful work that reflects the artist’s sustained concern with the complexity of remembrance, perception and reality.

Location: National College of Arts (NCA)

Date: January 28, 2020

To view her complete talk, please visit: Jeanno Gaussi at LB02 discussing her work