Film and Cinephilia in Pakistan: Beyond ‘death’ and ‘revival’: Panel Discussion

Panel discussion

Three scholars of film in Pakistan embark on a critical assessment of the discourse that surrounds cinema and its categories: Gwen Kirk, Momina Masood and Zebunnisa Hamid assess the widely held notion that Pakistani cinema has undergone ‘death’ and ‘revival’. In doing so, they engage in an in-depth conversation about their own research and teaching to open up new pathways of exploration in textual, social and technological fields, as well the study of cinema’s reception within society.

Momina Masood was a Lecturer in the Department of English, Punjab University. Her essays and creative nonfiction work have been published extensively. She is currently researching Pakistani cult and exploitation cinemas for her PhD in Film and Media Studies at University of Pittsburgh.

Gwendolyn S. Kirk is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at LUMS. A linguistic anthropologist, her current book project addresses questions of language, performance, and aesthetics in the Punjabi film industry in Lahore.

Zebunnisa Hamid is an Assistant Professor of Film Studies at LUMS. She holds a doctorate in Film Studies (SOAS, 2017), with a thesis on the, imaginaries and transnational characteristics of New Pakistani Cinema. Her research focuses on gender and urban spaces on screen and the ‘transnational cinematic city’.

Location: National College of Arts

Date: February 28, 2020

To view their complete discussion, please visit: Film and Cinephilia in Pakistan | Beyond ‘death’ and ‘revival’