The LBF encompasses critical sites for experimentation in visual expression and experience, seeking to challenge and expand the scope of both. It rejects both institutional inertia and ‘festivalism’ and will thus respond flexibly and urgently to pressing new inquiries.

Spatial– The LBF operates in awareness of location, but is not landlocked. It offers multiplicity in place of a Western/non-western dichotomy. However, it does not attempt to homogenize a version of ‘vernacular’ in response.

Chronological – There is no now. The LBF does not believe in a fixed contempraneity and seeks to imagine possible pasts and futures as featuring in today.

Possible Public(s)
Any predefinition of an imagined public is a reductive process. The LBF believes in the agency of publics to define themselves as such. However, it recognizes the importance of a public consent and contribution in establishing the legitimacy of its functions and will therefore, provide multiple points of engagement.

The LBF is, by necessity, mercurial in character and its adaptable processes escape easy categorization. This is underlined by a consistent examined perspective that seeks to reconcile changing realities with LBF’s vision.

Biennale besides Biennale – The LBF has a year round calendar of discursive activity that seeks to provide a sustained environment for hosting conversations, intuitions and investigations into visual expression and experience.