Inteligencias Colectivas [Karachi]

Chap Book

Every region of the world has its own repertoire of construction techniques. The coexistence of different degrees of industrialization and development allows for the mixing of semi-industrial products with old and enduring techniques; however, they are only considered valid in informal environments. While many of these construction solutions lack proper design planning, they generate a wide range of procedures through popular and generational wisdom. Few standardized products exhibit such great improvisation.

Inteligencias Colectivas draws its inspiration in part from this very ethos. Rooted in real-life examples of intelligent construction, this online platform and free database brings together knowledge considered to be on the fringe of traditional construction practice. This methodology is used in order to promote a type of technical know-how that is at once inclusive and public. A horizontal learning system – through tinkering with material prototypes – helps to weave together a tight network of people and collectives.


Sara-Duana Meyer

Stefan Winkler (Goethe-Institut Pakistan)