LBF Research Grant – 2018

Research Grant

LBF – AAN Research Grant, 2018

Announced in Summer 2018, the LBF – AAN Research Grant was intended for an individual or collective whose research focuses on movements and shifts in modern and contemporary art practice in Pakistan or its diaspora. Therefore, this call invited research proposals that address arts that arise from or are significant to Pakistan.

A public announcement of the award resulted in many submitted applications. The final selection was made by an independent jury consisting of Salima Hashmi, Naazish Ata-Ullah, and Naiza Khan.

The total amount awarded for the 2018 cycle was Rs. 300,000.

The distinguished mentor for this grant was Naiza Khan, who worked with the recipient during 2018-2019.

How Much Time Does It Take for Fossils to Convert into Fuels?

Noor us Sabah Saeed is interested in strategies of resistance and adaptability in extreme climatic conditions. In her work she connects the dots between the age of the anthropocene, climate change, water scarcity, marginalized communities, ecosystems, fossil fuels, and history and mythology. The outcome of Saeed’s ongoing research project tells a story about two mightiest Rig-Vedic rivers, Sindhu (Indus) and Sarasvati (Ghaggar-Hakra), one which has disappeared and the other which is currently endangered. Saeed’s interest in intervening within history takes the story of Sarasvati from past to future while speculating further such that in this case the story of the Indus has an ending different to what we currently see. The outcome of the work conducted with the help of the award takes the shape of film, animation and text.


Biography of Mentor

Naiza Khan is an established contemporary artist who lives and works between London and Karachi. She studied at the Ruskin School of Art, Oxford and is currently an MA candidate at the Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmith’s College, London. Her work has been widely exhibited and collected internationally. Her practice encompasses teaching, curation, research and writing and she was instrumental in establishing the Vasl Artists’ Collective.  In 2013, Naiza received the Prince Claus Award in recognition of her exceptional initiatives and activities in the fields of art and culture in Pakistan.

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