Kabootar Awaay Jawaay

Project Catalogue

A comprehensive glimpse into the enduring cultural practice spanning Punjab and the Emirates, allowing the reader to delve into the meticulous preparations undertaken by breeders as they select and prepare their pigeons for competitive matches, giving insights into the hierarchical structure of practitioners, from masters (ustads) to students (shagerds), showcasing the dedication and years of practice required to attain senior positions.

‘Kabootar Away Jawaay’ provides an authentic window into the world of kabootar-ishq-bazi, where pigeons serve as cultural ambassadors, uniting communities and preserving a cherished heritage.

Kabootar Awaay Jawaay A project by Reem Falaknaz

Commission for the 2nd edition of Lahore Biennale, 2020 between the sun and the moons, curated by Hoor Al Qasimi

Editor: Reem Falaknaz

Research: Reem Falaknaz

Texts: “Inayat: Tam Tam, my prized bird”, “Waseem: I found brotherhood”, “Fadel: King of Pigeons”, “Kamran: Because it’s a shawq” – Deena Rashid, Rashiduddin, and Alia Mehjabeen

Translations: Deena Rashid, Rashiduddin, and Alia Mehjabeen

Illustrations: Sachal Rizvi

Special thanks to Azim Al Ghussein, Alia Bin Omair, Khalid Mezaina, Mohammed Somji, Imran Ahmad Khan, Obaid Mustafa, Salama Nasib, Layan Attari, Nada Al Yafaei, Ismail Noor, Tanveer Qurashi, Ahmad Al Khumairy, Zaki Inayat Allah, Sheikh Omer Zaheer, Matt Kushan, and the LBF team.