Virtual Museum | Manduva: Exploring What We Won’t Like to Call ‘Lollywood’

Project, Archive, Exhibition

‘In cinema, as in any other art, the truly indigenous style can be evolved only by a director working in his own country, in the full awareness of his past heritage and present environment.’

– Satyajit Ray. 

Manduva is an exploration of seven and a half decades of Pakistani cinema. An attempt to initiate archiving and reading of indigenous cinematic syntax. Pakistan has loved and owned it sometimes but also hated and abandoned it intermittently. It’s part of Pakistan’s heritage and this component attempts to reclaim it, inspect, dissect and interpret.

As part of this component of the Virtual Museum, LBF issued two Open Calls, for Filmmakers and Pakistani cinema enthusiasts, and young contributors were selected by the curator, Sarmad Khoosat– a leading filmmaker with international acclaim, to make mini-films reinterpreting Pakistani Cinema. These young filmmakers were mentored through the production process by the curator. Their mini-films are a fresh perspective from the youth that is truly reflective of how the current generation can reengage with and reinterpret their cultural heritage.

Component Collaborators:

  1. Alina Rizwan
  2. Ayesha Bashir
  3. Basir Ahmed
  4. Hani Nawed
  5. Ibad Hasan
  6. Iqra Rafiq
  7. Rahul Aijaz
  8. Yousaf Rahman
  9. Zafeer Butt
  10. Hamid Ali Hanbi
  11. Usman Allauddin

Exhibits Produced:

  • 7 & a Half
    • Ismat
    • Disco Deewane
    • Manly Men
    • Buri Aurat
    • Intimacy
    • The Paki Pleasure
    • Sindhu & Cinema
    • Shaitaani Taqatein
  • (Im)print
    • Mera Naam hai Muhabbat
  • Uncensored
    • Circus of Life

Sarmad Khoosat, Alina Rizwan, Ayesha Bashir, Basir Ahmed, Hani Nawed, Ibad Hasan, Iqra Rafiq, Rahul Aijaz, Yousaf Rahman, Zafeer Butt, Hamid Ali Hanbi, Usman Allauddin, Lahore Biennale Foundation, British Council