MoU Signed between the Lahore Biennale Foundation, Bank of Punjab, and Punjab Walled Cities and Heritage Areas Authorit

MoU Signing

The Lahore Biennale Foundation (LBF) has signed  MoUs with the esteemed Bank of Punjab (BoP) and the distinguished Punjab Walled Cities and Heritage Areas Authority (PWCA). These partnerships represent remarkable breakthroughs for the local arts community in Pakistan.

The collaboration with BoP demonstrates their ongoing commitment to supporting and elevating the arts sector in the country. The MoU marks a significant milestone in this journey as it provides a framework for robust support of LB03 while highlighting the importance of the private sector to ensuring the vitality of the arts.

Meanwhile, the MOU with PWCA renews decade-long efforts to bring attention to historically significant sites and to revive them through innovative repurposing and reuse. It demonstrates both entities’ ongoing commitment to preserving Pakistan’s cultural heritage and to promoting arts and culture for future generations.
LBF is grateful to its esteemed partners for their valuable support and looks forward to working closely with them to enrich Lahore’s cultural landscape.

Bank of Punjab (BoP)

Punjab Walled Cities and Heritage Areas Authority (PWCA)