Shehr O Funn

Salman Toor

This project combines painting, collage and installation, connecting Lahore to New York City. The forms in the work aim to create an interface between seemingly divergent understandings of an over-connected world, developing societies like Lahore and the microcosms of cultures like Brooklyn's art scene where the artist lives and works. ... More

Awami Art Collective

Awami Art Collective (Lahore) is a group of concerned artists, academics and activists, who initially came together to engage citizens in a dialogue to address violent extremism through public art.

Faiza Butt

The artist’s project for LB01 drew from the aesthetics of Kiswah (Holy Kaba’s ornate cover). In her own words Butt explains, “I have illustrated poetry by Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Agha Shahid Ali, using word as an image. The words are stitched and collaged digitally using photographic images of contemporary ... More

Asad Raza

For LB01, Raza created a new inhabited work in the Summer Palace, in dialogue with its syncretic architectural and cultural legacy. Transforming a portion of this place of royal respite into a chamber inspired by activities common to the present and the Mughal epochs, the work will produce inter-subjective encounters. ... More

Firoz Mahmud

Mahmud’s artistic practice is realized through various mediums such as painting, installation and photography that engage with his cultural and political heritage. For LB01, in the Soaked Dream project, the artist exhibited especially designed “seeing devices.” The work urged audiences to think about issues of labour and visibility today in the global ... More

Hamra Abbas

Black Square explores the motifs of interpretation and intervention through the phenomenology of colour. As such, colour is often enough deployed as a symbol (as in a flag or an object of devotion) or a metaphor (signifying moods and temperaments) to represent shared ideals, and to mark the difference in ... More

Fazal Rizvi

Rizvi is an interdisciplinary artist exploring notions of memory, loss, erasures, and migration. For LB01, the artist’s project sifted through, and drew from archival material from the British Raj times, specifically the countless images of tiger hunts that overtly display and celebrate the subjugation of one at the hands of ... More

Huma Mulji

For LB01, an installation by the artist comprises of a textile print, sculpture, photographs, letterpress texts and brick dust. This is a work in perpetual progress based on conversations between a local bread- maker and bread-seller, Karamatullah and the artist, during the years 2010- 2015. Overall, the work captures moments ... More

Iftikhar Dadi and Elizabeth Dadi

Iftikhar Dadi and Elizabeth Dadi’s practice investigates the salience of popular media in the construction of memory, borders, and identity in contemporary globalization, and the potential of creative resilience in urban informalities. Especially developed for LB01, Roz o shab (day and night) is a site-specific neon installation that responds to ... More

Nadia Kaabi-Linke

Nervous Speakers, the artist’s sound installation for LB01 was a documentary installation that created a correlation between humans and their extreme dependency on mobile technologies. “We followed and hunted the phenomena in various waiting areas of citizen centers, registration of offices, airports and cafés, where we recorded it with hidden ... More

Sadia Salim

The work presented at LB01 emanates from an ongoing fascination with everyday objects and multitude of ideas that are concealed within them. This work depicts the geometric cut out patterns of the contemporary wedding cards in Pakistan. It intends that the viewers of the work activate multiple narratives and meanings ... More

Shahpour Pouyan

Pouyan makes use of traditional Persian aesthetics, but he updates the miniatures to interrogate enduring notions of fate and destiny by superimposing the past upon the present. Works exhibited at LB01 make use of Islamic symbolism where ships represents destiny and the adventure of life. Water, a sacred element, represents ... More

Shirin Neshat

Shirin Neshat (b. 1957, Qazvin, Iran) lives and works in New York City. Neshat’s photographs and films offer a glimpse of the cultural, religious and political realities that shape the identities of Muslim women worldwide. Turbulent marks a departure from still photography toward video installation, and was the artist’s first ... More

Shahzia Sikander

Parallax is a monumental, three- channel single image audio-visual animation created from hundreds of original hand-drawn paintings by Shahzia Sikander. Created in 2013 for Sharjah Biennial 11, Parallax examines contested histories of colonialism, mechanisms of power and cultural authority, and tensions over the control of trade routes in Strait of ... More

Salima Hashmi

Hashmi is an artist, curator, educator and contemporary art historian. For LB01, she presented a brief satirical performance based on a character from the series written and performed on Pakistan Television by Shoaib Hashmi in the 1970’s. The character is a school marm from a municipal school who constantly admonishes ... More

Naiza Khan

In her work for LB01, The Observatory, the narrator voices weather reports from the India Weather Review (1939) of storms and depressions across British India. This historical weather report takes on a different tone when mapped onto current decay and ruin of the decapitated observatory building on Manora Island; its ... More

Halil Altindere

Wonderland, exhibited at LB01, documents the anger, resistance, and hope voiced by a group of youths from the Sulukule neighborhood of Istanbul that has been the home of Roma communities for the past six centuries. This historic area started to be demolished in 2006 as part of an “urban renewal” ... More

Imran Qureshi

Qureshi is renowned for further developing an aesthetic derived from miniature painting which flourished in Mughal courts of the sixteenth century. Incorporating elements of the natural world, such as foliage he often juxtaposes them with imagery alluding to bloodshed and violence. Thus integrating contemporary themes with motifs derived from traditional ... More

Rehana Mangi

Regarding her work exhibited at LB01, the artist states, “this body of work initially started as a response to certain difficult personal circumstances. I had the habit, inherited from my grandmother, of unconsciously collecting my fallen hair. I used to spend a lot of time drawing these collected bunches of ... More

Mahbub Shah

Mahbub Shah lives and works in Lahore, Pakistan. For LB01, the artist presented a poetic multi-channel video installation that tracked the local transportation infrastructure and urban networks as they begin assuming an almost predatory position through the occupation of agrarian lands. Roads, or motor-ways, are commonly considered to be an ... More

Alia Syed

Alia Syed lives and works between London and Glasgow, UK. Syed is an experimental film-maker. Priya is a 16mm, silent film of Priya Pawar, a traditional Indian dancer, dancing the steps of Kathak, shot by positioning the camera directly above the dancer’s head. In the telling of the story the ... More

Aisha Khalid

Aisha Khalid is an artist, curator and an art educationist. Her site-specific installation at the Shahi Hammam, Lahore consisted of gouache on paper, mirrors and a textile piece that incorporated gold-plated steel pins. The artist explains, “although I live in Lahore, my thinking process is shaped by events of significance ... More

Ali Kazim

For LB01, the artist presented a site-specific installation of fragile clay hearts that drew inspiration from the various public uses of the park. It comments on affect and belonging, and on the restrictions placed upon public expressions of love. Kazim received his BFA from the National College of Arts, Lahore ... More

Mehreen Murtaza

Mehreen Murtaza works across a range of media to explore the intersecting worlds of technology, nature, science and spirituality. For LB01, the artist’s installation gave voice to trees have been given a voice through human technologies which convert electro-magnetic signals to sound. If plants are given a voice through human ... More

David Alesworth

David Alesworth’s work echoes his long engagement with Pakistan as a visual artist, horticultural consultant and an art educator. The idea of the garden as an archival formation across cultures is central to his practice. In his textile interventions from the last decade, Alesworth does not intend the western iconic ... More

Noor Ali Chagani

Often using miniature terracotta bricks as elements of sculptural work, the artist presents a unique take on the tradition of miniature painting. For LB01 the artist created a site-specific installation at Bagh-e-Jinnah, which employed bricks that bear traces of their earlier use from previously inhabited and demolished buildings. The bricks ... More

Wardha Shabbir

Wardha Shabbir trained as a miniature painter at the National College of Arts, Lahore, and has since gone on to work in both two, and three-dimensional mediums. For LB01 the artist presented a large-scale installation that drew upon how nature is depicted in historical Indo-Persian miniature paintings. Shabbir is a ... More

Seema Nusrat

Exhibited at LB01, Domestic Elevation is a continuing investigation into the changing face of the city–through measures of policing, securitization and urban regulation–manifested in the barricades and barriers that have come to form a kind of architecture of Karachi, this ongoing series of proposals attempts to formulate an integrated architecture ... More

Zahoor ul Akhlaq

Zahoor ul Akhlaq lived and worked in Lahore, Pakistan. Akhlaq was an influential Pakistani artist, whose work has been exhibited globally. He is widely regarded as a late modernist and one of the pioneers of the Contemporary Miniature movement originating from the National College of Arts in Lahore. Akhlaq’s work ... More

Awami Art Collective

Awami Art Collective (Lahore) is a group of concerned artists, academics and activists, who came together to engage citizens in a dialogue on violent extremism through public art. Awami Art Collective Members include: Ammara Khalid Media; Asad Changaizi Artist; Farida Batool Artist; Haider Ali Jan Artist; Marria Khan Artist; Mohsin ... More

Shezad Dawood

Presenting three new paintings especially conceived for the LB01, Dawood reflects on the idea of sovereignty, private property and the politics of space in a pragmatic and oblique look at US-Pakistan relations from the 1950s to the present day. The progression of images used by Dawood plays along the fault ... More

Naeem Mohaiemen

At LB01, Mohaiemen presented Two Meetings and a Funeral (2017), the three-channel video installation which explores Bangladesh’s historical pivot from the socialist perspective of the 1973 Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) meeting in Algeria to its ideological counterpoint, the emergence of a strong Islamic perspective at the 1974 Organisation of Islamic Countries ... More

Naila Mahmood

For LB01 the artist’s project consisted of photographs, text and reflective poetry about the city of Karachi, its migratory history and urban citizenship. In particular, the photographs dealt with inner city kitchens, they are reflective of the larger issues of urban density and ensuing pressures for Karachi.

Naima Dadabhoy

For LB01, the artist’s installation was a recreation of her studio, a space where she has been collecting organic materials in various states of decay. These range from insects to animal skulls to dead tree matter. “By experiencing the work, I would like my audience to have a spiritual engagement ... More

Komail Aijazuddin

Aijazuddin is a visual artist and writer. His work uses the vocabulary of traditional religious art – gold leaf, illuminations, altar pieces, paintings, scrolls, votive objects – to investigate contemporary ideas of divinity, belief, religion, worship, identity, statehood, belonging, and the question of what constitutes personal faith.

Kay Walkowiak

For LB01, Kay Walkowiak showed as series of textile works and video work. Archival prints on textile, Rituals of Resistance refer to the early history of colonial visual ethnography in the beginning of the 20th century, in which photography was used as a tool in qualitative research, the set up ... More

Hira Nabi

Her video work for LB01, All That Perishes at the Edge of Land considers the industry built around collapsed vessels as sites of contextual inquiries: into the destruction of marine ecology, exploitative labor practices affecting a migrant labor force, a network of linked industries aggregating wealth, and an imbalance of ... More


For LB01 the duo exhibited, From Gulf to Gulf to Gulf. The film is a result of four years of dialogue, friendship and exchange between CAMP and a group of sailors from the Gulf of Kutch. Their travels and those of co-seafarers from Sindh, Baluchistan, and Southern Iran through the ... More

Rasel Chowhury

Railway Longings, exhibited at LB01 is a photographic series that documents the train route towards Chowdhury’s hometown. Recalling the memory of his childhood journey, Chowdhury negotiates a reconciliatory space of the past and observes the changing landscape of his country through this series: “There was a time when railroad was ... More

Atif Khan

For LB01, the artist exhibited work from a series that revolves around nostalgia and memories arising from the artist’s teenage years when there was only one channel on TV, with an eight- hour transmission, and watching it was the only option available. Khan has had an illustrious career as a ... More

Masooma Syed

Syed’s works engage with the notion of duality, reality and myth, conflict, provocations and pathos of the individual and the world at present. Her practice of jewelry-making runs parallel to her art practice as an equally meaningful critical practice. For LB01, the artist unearthed the uniquely lived life of a ... More

Bani Abidi

Bani Abidi works in the mediums of video, photography, and performance, often problematizing grand narratives that center around nationhood and truth. Abidi’s work at LB01 was created in memory of more than a million Indian soldiers who served in the Great War (1914-1918) but are remembered–if ever–only for their valour ... More

Thamotharampillai Shanaathanan

Thamotharampillai Shanaathanan lives and works in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Shanaathanan’s work deals with themes of displacement, memory and loss, especially as they relate to his homeland of Sri Lanka. The word ‘thombu’ is a Dutch term used to refer to public land registry, which is also related to the Latin ... More

Muhannad Cader

In Lost Horizon, Cader’s work exhibited at LB01, the artist used selected images of the sea taken from the beaches of Galle in Sri Lanka paired with photographs taken on the shores of the Andalucia coastline in southern Spain. By cutting out shapes from the photos, in a carving like ... More

Minam Apang

Minam Apang lives and works in Goa, India. Apang works primarily in the medium of drawing. She is inspired by the landscape and ritual practices of the region of her birth, Arunachel Pradesh, India. Moon Mirrors Mountains sees the artist using charcoal as her medium, creating extraordinarily sensitive drawings on ... More

Lala Rukh

Lala Rukh lived and worked in Lahore, Pakistan. Aside from being an accomplished visual artist and a life-long educator, Lala Rukh was among the foremost feminist activists of South Asia. Lala Rukh’s seminal work from 1992-3, River in an Ocean in mixed media is inspired by glimpses of the river ... More

Ayesha Sultana

Ayesha Sultana lives and works in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Sultana’s practice spans the mediums of drawing, sound, sculpture and photography. It takes inspiration from architecture and landscape utilizing a highly minimalist aesthetic. Form Studies, exhibited at LB01 is an ongoing body of work on paper that gives us an insight into ... More

Asvajit Boyle

Asvajit Boyle lives and works in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He is an audio/visual artist and designer with a special interest in long-form design. Visualizing Sound is a synesthetic transposition from sound to visual effects and from visual reception to an auditory experience. Boyle uses digital technology to ‘hear’ an image ... More

Manisha Gera Baswani

Manisha Gera Baswani (b. 1967, New Delhi, India) lives and works in New Delhi, India. Baswani is a painter, photographer, and an occasional writer. Her work for LB01, Postcards from Home traverses the border and brings home the artist photographed. A total of 47 (the year of partition) Indian and ... More

Waqas Khan

Trained as a print-maker at the National College of Arts, Lahore, Khan has gone on to produce large-scale minimalist drawings “that resemble webs and celestial expanses.” The contemplation that leaves a visible evidence on paper is the crux of the work. Khan employs small dashes and minuscule dots to create ... More

Ayesha Jatoi

Trained in miniature painting, Jatoi’s practice primarily explores the traditional manuscript’s symbiotic relationship between image and text. While being immersed in local aesthetics of iconography, she simultaneously questions the relevance of traditional modes of constructing images today; resulting in a practice which takes on hybrid forms. The body of work ... More

Amar Kanwar

Exhibited at LB01, Such a Morning is a contemporary parable about two person’s quiet engagement with truth. The film navigates transitions between mathematics and poetry, democracy and fascism, fear and freedom. In the cusp between the eye and the mind, shifts in time brush every moment into new potency. Each ... More

Ali Kazim – test

Ali Kazim lives and works in Lahore, Pakistan. For LB01, the artist presented a site-specific installation of fragile clay hearts that drew inspiration from the various public uses of the park. It comments on affect and belonging, and on the restrictions placed upon public expressions of love. Kazim received his ... More

Joe Smith – Test

An orbital observatory of a site-specific multidisciplinary installation invites the viewer to PIA Planetarium of Lahore. Comprising of a ten screen video with quadrophonic sound and 360-degree drawing installations, this satellite formation presents the collaboration of three artists and their reflection upon the life of the Astronomer, the Great Ruler ... More