Shehr O Funn

LB01 Guidebook

The 170-page Guidebook provides extensive information on the sites, artists, and themes of the Lahore Biennale 01. Download the Lahore Biennale 01: Shehr-o-Funn Guidebook | PDF

In order to address the dynamics of “public engagement” in the arts, LB01 will test the parameters of “art” and “public,” and contextualize this relation within the specificities of Lahore and in a global context. For this purpose, the LB01 will develop art in public spaces and public programs along with opportunities for critical thinking and practice in its Academic Forum. The frameworks of engagement will be varied; and will include tapping into Lahore’s public consciousness or collective memory, conversing with existing institutions that seek renewed participation, or proposing new ways of community involvement. Exhibitions and events for LB01 will be held at seven major venues that engage with the city’s Mughal, Colonial and Modern layers. The inaugural Biennale recognizes the city in relation to its region, as reflected in the presentation of artists selected, and in the Biennale’s core and collateral programming. Over 50 artists and collectives will participate, including artists based in Bangladesh, India, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Sri Lanka, as well as from Europe and the United States. The LB01 organizational team includes Director Qudsia Rahim, curating the public arts projects, Iftikhar Dadi who is developing the academic program; Raza Ali Dada advising on production and exhibition design whereas Ayesha Jatoi is overseeing publications.