Shehr O Funn

Awami Art Collective

Awami Roshni, 2018
Public installation

Awami Art Collective (Lahore) is a group of concerned artists, academics and activists, who initially came together to engage citizens in a dialogue to address violent extremism through public art.
Awami Art Collective Members include: Ammara Khalid (media); Asad Changaizi (artist); Farida Batool (artist); Haider Ali Jan (artist); Marria Khan (artist); Mohsin Shafi (artist); Naira Mushtaq (artist); Rabia Hassan (artist); Raheem ul Hague (activist); Raza Khan (activist); Samra Mir Academic; Sehr Jalil (artist); and Yasir Azeem (artist).

Special Acknowledgment: Punjab Irrigation Department