Shehr O Funn

Maktab Khana (Miniature Painting Atelier)

During the Mughal empire, court painters worked collaboratively in workshops or ateliers to create the miniature paintings in book manuscript format. Given the highly complex process required to produce the miniature paintings and assemble them in a finished manuscript, artists specialized in facets of the production and worked together to ... More

Mubarak Haveli

Built in 1863 and later restored during the British era, the Mubarak Haveli is a historic building located inside Bhatti Gate in the Walled City area. The Mubarak Haveli is an important example of a courtyard mansion characteristic traditional domestic architecture. At present, the Mubarak Haveli compound also houses the ... More

Lahore Museum

The present Lahore Museum was constructed under British rule, and retains elements of Mughal architecture in a style termed Indo-Saracenic architecture. Located on Mall Road adjacent to the National College of Arts, Lahore, the Museum has been famously depicted as the Wonder House or Ajaib Ghar in Rudyard Kipling’s novel, ... More

Alhamra Art Centre

The Alhamra Art Centre is a vital centere of the Lahore’s cultural scene, in which exhibitions, panels, and talks are regularly hosted. Inspired by Mughal era architecture, the octagonal structures of the modernist red brick building possess enhanced acoustics, making it the perfect venue for the presentation of video and ... More


Originally constructed as a botanical garden, covering 172 acres of land, Lawrence Gardens (now Bagh-e-Jinnah), was built under British colonial rule in Lahore in 1849. Lawrence Gardens was modelled after the historic Kew Gardens in London that served as a collecting and breeding ground for plant specimens from all over ... More


Originally built during the Mughal era the Canal was upgraded by the British in 1861, and later again in the 1960s under the rule of General Ayub Khan. The Canal is amongst the few public green belts in the city today and is frequented by many as a local recreational ... More

Shahi Hammam

The 17th century Shahi Hammam (Royal Baths) fell into disuse during the decline and fall of the Mughal Empire. The 1,000 square meter complex was recently restored and conserved over two years. These interventions include the exposure, conservation and display of the original waterworks, drainage and heating networks as well ... More

Lahore Fort

Constructed by the sixth Mughal Emperor during the 17th century, the Summer Palace was built as a seasonal retreat for the Royal family. Located at the basement of the Shish Mahal of the Lahore Fort, the Summer Palace is a space in which interiors and exteriors blur, where night and ... More