Anwar Saeed

Multiple works, Acrylics and Charcoal on Canvas, Dimensions variable

A characteristic feature of Saeed’s work is the use of the male figure, painted in different postures. This feature is consistent across almost all his work. Thus, its absence in any painting becomes a rare occurrence. Saeed uses male figures symbolically to talk about human behavior, while also reflecting on the nature of Pakistani society. Saeed also uses the human body to emphasize different aspects of existence, such as ones relation with their inner self, as well as their outer realities, such as religion and social values. The human body is also used as a vessel to display the conflict between one’s personal needs and the boundaries imposed on it by society.

Text by: Fatema Taher Peshawarwala
Artwork courtesy: Sameera Raja (Canvas Gallery); Khurram Qasim; Shamain Akbar Faruque; Saqib Jehangir Malik; Saadia Shariff