Almagul Menlibayeva with Inna Artemova & German Popov

Ulugh Begh: Intrinsic Futurist Machine of Central Asia, 2019 — 2020
Site-specific multimedia installation, new commission

Video and sound installation, height: 31′ – 3 11/16′ diameter 50′ (atrium)
360 degree drawing installation length: 92′, height: 12′, ink on canvas (ground floor)
Sound and music performances by German Popov & Rakae Jamil

An orbital observatory of a site-specific multidisciplinary installation invites the viewer to PIA Planetarium of Lahore. Comprising of a ten screen video with quadrophonic sound and 360-degree drawing installations, this satellite formation presents the collaboration of three artists and their reflection upon the life of the Astronomer, the Great Ruler of Samarkand Sultan Mirzo Ulugh Beg. His legacy includes a 15th Century observatory that is represented by an artistic video and photo monitoring from the heights of conceptual orbits and depths of the utopian/dystopian skylines, fictional architecture and landscapes. The scattered episodes and non-linear chronologies, juxtaposed with medieval empiricism and the latest cosmological models, are constructed into “alternative realities” and turned into radiant rays of multi-sensorial documents and imaginary objects, pixelated by space debris and the industrial pollutions of modernity. Accompanied by a real-time performance with electro-acoustic and musical experiments that touch upon the rare subjects of musical intervals, with xenharmonic scales, this project is reestablishing the longstanding cultural ties of ancient Maveranahr with the Mogul Empire.

Sponsored by:
Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative (PCAI)
Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (Ifa)
Trust for Mutual Understanding
American-Eurasian Art Advisors
Andakulova Gallery
International Art Development (IADA)