Henok Melkamzer

Melke-ken (Face of Days)
Acrylic painted on canvas, new commission

Talisman is one of the ancient Ethiopian and African forms of art and knowledge. To craft the art work identifying and calculating days, months and years using the indigenous calendar is necessary.
While the rest of the world counts a week having 7 days, a month having 4 weeks, and a year divided in to 12 months, the Ethiopian astronomical time counts a year by 13 months. Accordingly for each day of the week there are 5 stars that are constantly in motion. This is to say that there are 5 distinct starts accompanying each days of the week, characterized by its own unique intricate lines, color, star and its designated image of human beings and animals.
This has not only the purpose of demonstrating the similarity and significance of the image of human beings with starts and other living things, but also creating a magnificent bridge for man to relate with the ancient knowledge and spiritual existence.

Co-Commissioned by Lahore Biennale Foundation