Hassan Hajjaj

Le Salon, 2019–2020
Mixed-media site-specific installation, new commission

A child of the Pop Art generation, the concepts Hassan Hajjaj employs are seductively witty and playful while having a serious edge. His working methods encompass so many techniques, fields and body of works, one of them is Le Salon, an immersive site specific installation. Inspired by traditional front-room living spaces in Morocco where visitors are welcome in Moroccan homes, are offered tea, food and also to stay for the night, Le Salon invites the visitors in a domestic familiar background, offering a social experience where people can interact with each others and with their environment. Turning the unprecious into a work of Art and the work of Art into a democratic experience, it is a vibrant and playful space with recycled brands and signage items turned into furniture and props that the visitor can relate to. Hassan enables the visitors to have a shared approach of their environment drawn into a surprising décor blending the artist’s cultural inspirations; they actually find familiar marks. Le Salon has become an emblematic experience in Hajjaj’s work, engaging the public to use the artwork and blurring the cultural frontiers.

Text courtesy the artist
Commissioned by Lahore Biennale Foundation
Artist Assistant: Nyla Talpur