Yaminay Chaudhri

A House a work in progress
Video installation

Houses are incomplete, aspiration a drive to reckon with– this semi fictional narration, is the story of a young family moving into their first house in Darakhshan Township, a modest but new housing society by the sea. It is 1985, a young mother personalizes her modernist cube, adding oddly shaped slivers of sand to her property’s footprint. Beyond her cul-de-sac, a grid of empty roads around sunken rectangles of dirt, stretch for eternity into the sea. Entangled with another stretch of land, important men and their entourage, stand above the Pothohar Plateau. They draw lines in the sky, sweeping across subtle geometries of farm and pasture. Ayub Khan andC.A. Doxiades imagine a Capital; its plan capable of growing in any direction, unencumbered by the baggage of a metropolis in crisis. A photograph captures this moment on the twenty fourth day of May, 1960; found decades later, as a low-res image of pioneering settlers. A transformed image; it is strange now; incomplete— and a story with doors to other worlds, rests hidden in its seams.

Text provided by the artist