LB02 Guidebook

The 200 page Guidebook provides extensive information on the sites, artists, and themes of the Lahore Biennale 02: between the sun and the moon. Works exploring human entanglement with nature revisit traditional understandings of self and their cosmological underpinnings. The latter derives, in part, from astronomy, a discipline that made important strides amidst cultural and intellectual exchange between South and West Asia. For centuries, inhabitants of these regions oriented themselves with reference to the sun, the moon, the constellations. between the sun and the moon how might we reflect on our place within the cosmos today, at this conjuncture of planetary climate crisis and polarities between societies? LB02 looks upwards with a view to forging new resonances, new imaginings of the future that encompass the full breadth of its material and virtual possibilities. It does from a tradition rooted in intra-regional mobility of ideas, people, and lesser-known ties such as migratory flora and fauna.

Download the Lahore Biennale 02 Guidebook as PDF

Published by the Lahore Biennale Foundation on the occasion of the 2nd Lahore Biennale 2020.

Publication advisor: Ayesha Jatoi
Publication design & LB02 visual identity: Rizwan Hussain
Translations: Nadeem Abbas