Punjab Institute of Language, Art & Culture (PILAC)

Punjab Institute of Language, Art & Culture (PILAC) was established in September 2004 for patronage, promotion and development of Punjabi language and culture. Centrally located in Lahore, the PILAC building complex includes a library, auditoriums, and exhibition spaces. The complex has been designed by the noted architect Nayyar Ali Dada, whose design creates a dialog between traditional architectural form and modernism.


Abdullah Al Saadi
Alia Farid
Farkhanda Ashraf Khilji
Imran Ahmad Khan
Jeanno Gaussi
Lida Abdul
Mariam Ghani
Mudasar Rashdi
Naiza Khan
Pak Khawateen Painting Club
Rahat Ali
Waseem Akram
Zulfiqar Rind

Lahore Biennale Foundation

Photo credits:
Athanasios Anagnostopoulos,
Lahore Biennale Foundation